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Made just for K-12

Edsby was made specifically for K-12 school districts. So it has exactly what K-12 districts need, like good elementary assessment & reporting and strong understanding of and support for parents.

Safe, secure learning management, analytics & data management JUST for K-12

Business solutions are a poor fit in K-12. They cost too much, are too hard to support and aren’t built for educational scale. Or they don’t come with the powerful parent support and access control critical in K-12.

Systems originally built for higher education have the same problems. Consumer solutions like Facebook prompt privacy concerns. Home made technology is high risk and rarely state-of-the-art. And “free” solutions can be problematic and cost in unexpected ways.

Edsby was built specifically for K-12 and its unique challenges and requirements. It knows about K-12-specfic standards and reporting, bell schedules and more.

The best parent management in K-12

Edsby knows that parents are critical to a child’s education and has well-designed support for them. Teachers don’t have to manage parent information in Edsby because parent information comes from district databases.

Parents get realtime views into what’s happening in class, from a single app with a single sign-on no matter how many children they have in the district. Edsby handles field trip and other approvals, parent-teacher conference scheduling and more.

Edsby made for k-12

Strong elementary features

Edsby is chock full of things that make it great for junior grades, not just senior ones.

  • Subjective performance indicators
  • Observations and learning evidence
  • Support for team teaching
  • Portfolios of best work
  • Input from and connections with everyone involved in a student’s education
  • And more!

Edsby's features for junior & elementary grades

Why not other approaches?

The program has huge potential to support teachers in connecting their classrooms as well as bridging communication between students, parents and educators.
Deborah Wilson, Teacher / Father Fenelon Catholic School