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Engaging Effectively within Education

Superintendents Dr. Andraé Townsel of Benton Harbor Area Schools; Dr. Kevin McGowan of Brighton Central School District; and Dr. Sheldon Berman, AASA Lead Superintendent for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), discuss SEL, the growing acceptance and adoption of data use, the role of superintendents in maintaining a healthy information ecology, and the risks associated with imparting change at scale.

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Trust in community

Superintendents Dr. Susan Enfield of Highline Public Schools, Dr. Steve Joel of Lincoln Public Schools, and Dr. Michael Duncan of Pike County Schools talk about trust and its importance as a precursor to effective communication.

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Community and collaboration through COVID-19

Superintendents Dr. Quinton Shepard of the Victoria Independent School District, Dr. Betsy Hargrove of the Avondale Elementary School District; Dr. Zandra Jo Galvan, superintendent of Greenfield Union School District in Northern California. And Mark Finstrom, CTO of Highline Public Schools in Washington State discuss the importance of community engagement in driving educational change… and edtech’s role.

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 is a global standard that helps Edsby take a risk-based approach to reduce data threats and address vulnerabilities. It entails a cultural shift for the company as it looks to the future and ensures the highest security and data protection standards.