Microsoft Teams

Teams is Microsoft’s unified communication and collaboration system that combines voice and video, text chat, screen sharing, file storage and more. In K-12, Teams can be used to bring real time conversations into Edsby. Extend Edsby classrooms and groups with voice and video, connect with colleagues in professional learning communities through Edsby and more. Teams is part of Microsoft 365.

Edsby has built-in integration with Microsoft Teams. Contact Edsby support to connect your Teams account with your Edsby server.

We require high degrees of security, privacy, compliance, and compatibility for our systems working together. We were clear that we wanted to stay with apps within the Windows environment.
Jack Hitchings, Director of Learning and Technology, Port Alberni School District
Microsoft Teams is a great platform for organizing, distributing work, collaborating and sharing resources. The ease of use is a definite plus.
Luis O., Classroom Teacher