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Edsby for IT professionals

Edsby for IT professionals

How Edsby does what it does.

Two-way integration with legacy systems

At the heart of Edsby is a remarkable two-way connection to existing systems so districts can deploy Edsby on their terms, consistent with existing policies and educational standards. Student, teacher, class, daily schedule and other information in Edsby comes from existing systems—not from manual input. Edsby can be deployed quickly and stays up to date as student, teacher and course data changes.

  • Integrates with popular or custom Student Information Systems
  • Connects to HR systems, CSVs or other structured data
  • LDAP and/or Active Directory authentication
  • Single Sign On (SSO) with Kerberos, oAuth, Google Apps for Education or O365+Azure
  • Roles management for powerful permissions

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New lease on life for old SISes

Many student information systems are surprisingly old. Edsby can serve as a modern, contemporary way to leverage and update data inside a district’s SIS, effectively extending the service life of custom or off-the-shelf SISes.

Because Edsby has been built to work with any SIS, and integrate with other systems at the same time, it has a more robust, polished interface and more advanced functionality than simple portals available from SIS vendors.

I am a big fan of Edsby. Your support is phenomenal. I think you have a great product.
Loraine Christensen, Technology Support / C. Leon King High School, Hillsborough County Public Schools, Tampa, FL

Customizable to match the way districts do things

Districts all have different ways of doing assessments, calculating and sharing grades, choosing what to share with parents and more. So unlike other platforms that impose their structures on you, Edsby allows huge freedom and gives you a system that can be set up just how your region needs it.

  • Use local assessment schemes
  • Customize with local terms
  • Easily add district and school brand
  • Support for custom reports
  • Custom forms, workflows and apps
  • Use district’s existing report card in Edsby
  • Customizations preserved when system is regularly updated over time

Specifically designed for K-12

Business solutions are a poor fit in K-12. They cost too much, are too hard to support and aren’t built for educational scale. Or they don’t come with the powerful parent support and access control critical in K-12. Systems originally built for higher education have the same problems. Consumer solutions like Facebook prompt privacy concerns. Home made technology is high risk and rarely state-of-the-art. And “free” solutions can be problematic and cost in unexpected ways. Edsby is built just for K-12.

Ideal for 1-to-1, or BYOD

Edsby has become the “killer app” at many schools and districts. It’s an application that teachers and students find themselves in all day, and it works great in both homogeneous 1-to-1 or heterogeneous bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments.

Awesome gradebook. Solid report cards.
Brian Turner, Director of IT / Lakefield College School

Modern cloud architecture

Don’t worry about hardware upgrades, software upgrades or system monitoring. As a modern cloud-based application, Edsby takes care of all that and more around the clock:

  • True web 2.0-era solution: HTML5-based, no Java, Flash or ActiveX
  • No local data to back up
  • Secure, encrypted communications
  • State of the art hosting on Microsoft Azure global cloud network
  • Timely security updates
  • District-controlled authentication
  • Comprehensive forensic logging

Built to standards

As members of the Digital Learning AllianceIMS Global and the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), Edsby takes industry standards seriously. Edsby supports LTI 2.0, SAML, oAuth, Google SSO, Active Directory, AzureAD, LDAP and more. Its data store is Tin Can/xAPI and Caliper Analytics-ready. QTI is in the roadmap.

Edsby aligns with our focus on privacy, security and equity, and in a way that is very easy to use as it is modeled after familiar, easy-to-learn social media metaphors and available via web browser or free mobile apps.
Paulla Bennet, Chief Information Officer / York Region District School Board, 125,000 students and 15,000 staff on Edsby

Edsby Reviewer's Guide

If you’ve read this far, you’re likely curious about what makes Edsby tick. Download this 48-page guide. It walks you through what to look at when evaluating Edsby vs. other systems, point by point. And it’s free!