Home Screen

The Home Screen is the hub of the Edsby experience. From here, you can use the quick links to access the school news, your Portfolio, Learning Story, and Recent Activity.

On a browser, your Home Screen will also display your Classes, Personal Calendar, and Groups.

Additionally, the Navigation Bar is located on every page in Edsby. Use it to access your Home Screen, Classes, Groups, Messages, Personal Calendar, and Notifications.

The School Page

Access your school and district page from your Home Screen by clicking the gear icon in the top right and selecting the name of your school or district.

This will provide you with a feed of school news. Click the plus in the top right corner to submit an article.

Click Calendar to view the School Calendar.

The school-specific events on this calendar are merged on your Personal Calendar accessible by clicking the calendar icon in your Navigation Bar.

Click Info to view important school information including:

  1. Key Contacts in the school
  2. Staff Panel, making it easier to contact any teacher or principal at the school through Edsby
  3. Contact Information for the school
  4. A school-wide Documents library

Turn on notifications whenever a new article is posted at your school by clicking the bell icon in the top right.

The School Page is also available by clicking your school’s name in the top left corner of your browser Home Screen.


Search for groups or members of the school community by clicking the search icon in the top left of the Home Screen.

News River

Everyone likes to be up-to-date with the latest news. Edsby makes this easy! When you log in, you will see the News River across the top of your Home Screen.

Each school and district have their own news stream. The News River collates news from all streams.

Use the arrows to navigate through the River.

Click an article to view the full text.

Click here to learn about posting News Articles to the News River.


Access your Settings easily from your Home Screen.

Here you can change your Notification Settings as well as your Language Preferences by clicking Other Settings.

Your Settings are accessible on a browser by clicking the drop-down next to your name in Edsby.


Your Home Screen provides a direct link to your Portfolio.

View the feed of your Portfolio posts.

Click the plus in the header to add a post to your Portfolio.

You can also change your About Me displayed at the top of your Portfolio by clicking Edit, making any changes changes, and clicking save.

Your Portfolio is also accessible on a browser under your Classes Panel or by clicking the drop-down next to your name in Edsby.

Click here to learn more about your Portfolio.

Learning Story

Access your Learning Story and any evidence your teacher has shared with you from your Home Screen.

View the feed of your shared evidence. Comment on or like posts.

Add evidence to your Portfolio by clicking the blue plus under the item.

Your Learning Story is also accessible on a browser under your Classes Panel.

Recent Activity

Recent Activity includes posts relevant to each of your classes. This feed, accessed on your Home Screen, updates when a teacher posts any new assessments, journals, notes, or attendance incidences (lates or absences).

Recent Activity is the main feed when you login to Edsby on a browser.

Polls and events from classes do not show up in your Recent Activity feed as well as posts from groups or the school page. However, when a new item is posted in a class or group, an unread red bubble counter will appear beside your teacher’s picture in your Classes Panel to notify you to check for updates.


Key third-party websites and applications are integrated into Edsby through the Launchpad for quick access like the school website, O365, Google Docs, and Edsby help files and videos.

Access this from the Home Screen on mobile or the Navigation Bar on a browser.


Logout from the mobile app on your Home Screen.