Edsby login basics explained

Log into your Edsby system from your school or district’s website.

If your school or district doesn’t have a link to its Edsby system on its website, every Edsby system has a unique URL, or Edsby server address, much like http://xxxx.edsby.com, where xxxx is unique to the school or district. Determine your Edsby server address from your school, and consider bookmarking it for easy access. This is also the Edsby server address requested by the Edsby mobile apps.

Your Edsby username will be your staff number, email address or some other unique identifier assigned by your district or school. Every Edsby school or district sets up usernames differently, so you need to ask your school if you’re not sure what you should be using. Also ask your school whether you’ve already been assigned a Edsby password.

Edsby does not handle username or passwords itself. All access to Edsby is controlled by the school or school district’s systems. Contact them if you you’ve forgotten your username or password or if you think you’ve been locked out from trying incorrect username and password combinations. Some aggressive access control systems disable accounts after a number of unsuccessful tries. Even if you remember what your correct credentials are, you might still be denied access to Edsby and your other computer systems until your account is reset by a tech resource at your school.