Sending Bulk Messages

Have a parent-teacher interview or a field trip coming up and need to quickly send a reminder for parents to book appointments or submit permission slips? Edsby Zooms enable teachers to send bulk messages to groups of students and their parents.

Messages sent in bulk are pre-addressed with the selected names and the BCC label indicates each recipient only sees their own name. Other recipients of the massage do not see who else is included in the message.

Teachers can remove a name from the message by clicking the X beside it.

Messaging Students and Parents

Teachers can message students, their parents, or both through the My Students Zoom, My Parents Zoom, Classes Zoom, and from within a class or group.

In a Zoom, filter and use the gear icon to select who to send the message to. Click the drop-down arrow at the top right of the Zoom and select the recipients.

In a Class, click the view all students link. Then, click More and select the recipients.

In a Group, click the view all members link. Then, click the drop-down arrow and select the recipients.

Fill out the message and click Send. Recipients will receive the message in their Edsby mailbox.