Edsby for private schools

A modern, all-in-one way to manage all aspects of a child’s education… including their parents.

Private schools

Edsby is exactly what I've been looking for.
Aaron Smajda, Lecturer / Sunway International School

A single, integrated system for school management

Comprehensive features

Edsby includes forms and transaction processing for admissions, powerful daily classroom management, assessment and reporting, online classrooms, group communication and more.

Foundation for extended capabilities

Those things that Edsby doesn’t do natively, it does well with add-on products from partners who specialize in the needs of private schools, such as:

  • School website management (Websby)
  • Student information management (SIS/SMS) for state/provincial reporting (Twine)
  • SMS notifications (Twine)

Make it easy for staff, students and parents to work together and stay informed

Best parent handling of any similar system

Parents get realtime insight into what’s happening in all classes from a single app. Edsby also handles field trip and other approvals, teacher conference scheduling and more.

Helping parents support kids

Access to teacher notes, handouts, lessons, and classroom materials means parents know exactly how to help when students have questions at home or are struggling with an assignment. Parents can message teachers privately.

For private schools, Edsby is inexpensive

Flexible depending on infrastructure

If your school already uses a student information/management system (SIS/SMS), Edsby will work with it. If you don’t already, a partner can set one up for you. Either way, Edsby will be surprisingly inexpensive for your institution.

Learn more about how Edsby could help your school

Edsby is a great, all-encompassing tool for education! I like the sense of community and transparency that comes with the steady stream of information on a daily basis.
Tripp Taylor, Teacher / Trinity College School