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John Myers – Cofounder & CEO

John obtained an Honours B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Toronto and began his career in 1980 at Nortel Networks. After a few short years of programming activity John moved into management and by 1994 was the Vice-president and General Manager of Nortel’s global messaging business unit. Under John’s leadership over the next six years this business unit grew each year to exceed US$300M in revenue in 2000 and was one of Nortel’s most profitable and high-growth business units. John left Nortel in early 2001 to join his former colleagues at Centrinity (TSX:CTI) and was the CEO and a member of the Board of Directors when the company was acquired by Open Text in 2002. After the acquisition John continued to lead the team as General Manager until his departure in early 2010, delivering consistent growth and strong operating margins. As co-founder and president, John continues to do what he has done for the last 20 or so years – which is to manage a growing and profitable environment in which a team of enthusiastic and very talented people can build innovative products that both delight and bring true value to a wide range of customers.

Steven Asbury – Cofounder & VP Engineering

Steven graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.A.Sc (Engineering Science) in 1981. After joining Nortel Networks as a software engineer immediately after graduation, Steve rose to become one of the visionaries behind the Meridian Integrated Services Architecture, which was released as Meridian Mail in 1986. Steve left Nortel in 1989 to found SoftArc Inc., along with Jon Asbury and Scott Welch. Steve was the chief technical architect of the FirstClass product, and oversaw the entire FirstClass development team for over twenty years. In addition to his technical experience, Steven also served on the Board of Directors of Centrinity (TSX:CTI) during the time it was publicly traded. As a co-founder and Vice President, Steven brings his formidable server architecture and development talents to bear. Steve ensures that Edsby is well-engineered, well-built and well-tested.

Jon Asbury – Cofounder & VP Design

Jon attended the University of Toronto, graduating in 1986 with a B.A.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering. He Joined Nortel Networks upon graduation, becoming part of the Meridian Mail team. He left Nortel in 1989, co-founding SoftArc Inc. along with his brother Steve and Scott Welch. At SoftArc Jon oversaw development of the FirstClass client, and also played a key role in the rise of user experience research as a tool for software development. This was put to use when Jon created the Open Text Social Media product, which was released to critical acclaim in 2008. Jon is passionate about the role of design in software development, and in particular is a strong proponent of using user interviews and product mock-ups to ensure that software is not just used but loved.

H.E. Scott Welch – Cofounder & VP Special Projects

Scott has a co-op degree in math from the University of Waterloo, which he graduated from in 1986. He worked at Nortel as a co-op student in 1984, when he became the only co-op student ever transferred from Canada to the Nortel lab in Silicon Valley. He joined full-time in 1986, becoming part of the team building Meridian Mail. Along with two partners, he left Nortel in 1989 to start SoftArc Inc. Serving as CEO until 1999, Scott provided product management and business leadership as SoftArc grew from 3 to over 100 employees and became Centrinity. Scott played a key role in Investor Relations and was instrumental in completing two successful secondary public offerings, including a $25 million self-syndicated offering. After the acquisition of Centrinity by Open Text, Scott continued his role as Chief Evangelist for FirstClass. Scott has extensive experience in the public eye, having appeared at over 500 user groups, trade shows, investor conferences and industry symposiums. With the same founding team from FirstClass, Scott started Edsby. At Edsby, Scott serves as a connection between customers and the engineering and design groups, which he believes is crucial for the long-term success of any software company.

Dallas Kachan – VP Marketing

Dallas has led, worked with and consulted to dozens of technology firms in Silicon Valley and Canada over almost thirty years. He was the original vice president of sales and marketing for SoftArc, developers of the FirstClass email and groupware system, and is a former director of Centrinity, Inc. (TSX: CTI), EnerMotion and Creative Standard Canada. After two successful exits, Dallas had an 8 year career in cleantech, including as managing director and head of global marketing for the Cleantech Group, the organization credited with coining the term cleantech and founding the cleantech investment theme. Dallas authored 400+ cleantech articles and reports and served on the board of the U.C. Berkeley Haas School of Business’ Cleantech Institute. He is Canadian by birth, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the author of the travel and adventure novel, The Starship Diaries.

Michael Middlemiss – Managing Director Asia Pacific

Michael attended New Zealand’s University of Waikato, graduating in 1991 with a BMS in Accounting and Information Systems. Michael has worked in a number of sectors over the last 25 years, including not for profit, commercial and public sector organizations. He previously worked for SoftArc for many years as its Asia Pacific Manager. Michael joined Edsby in 2019 after more than five years as the New Zealand Parliamentary Service CIO. Michael is passionate about applying technology from the customer’s perspective, ensuring any delivered solutions are easy to use and and solve the actual problem.