Edsby isn’t free. But Edsby pricing is simple, clear and transparent. Everyone pays the same low price; no back-room wheeling and dealing required.

A penny per student per day

You get all of the power of Edsby for only one penny per student per day! That works out to a year of great service for about the cost of a single latte. It’s hard to beat.

Teachers and staff are the same low price

We work hard to keep the price of Edsby for teachers, principals, administrators and other staff at the same low price as students. At $3.65 per teacher per year, that’s less than what it costs to buy a teacher a single paper gradebook!

In the cloud to save time and money

Edsby is a cloud solution. This means schools don’t need to worry about purchasing and running hardware, doing system backups and wrestling with software upgrades – all that is taken care of by Edsby. Edsby runs in a world-class commercial cloud data center with 24/7 monitoring by Edsby experts. This makes deploying and using Edsby a breeze, which keeps your overburdened information technology staff happy and your finance prime even happier.

Accounts for family members are free

Edsby wants to maximize family engagement in childrens’ education, so Edsby access is completely free for parents, guardians, and other family members who may be helping out, such as aunts, uncles and grandparents. Add as many as you like – there’s no charge.

Consider the cost of not deploying Edsby

The direct savings on supplies such as paper gradebooks and photocopies more than compensate for the cost of Edsby. But the real cost comes not in dollars and cents but in the future of the kids in your school. By engaging the entire educational community, by sharing coursework, by putting information in the right hands, Edsby leads to kids getting the help they need, so they can do better. It’s why you’re in the education business, and why we are, too.



The Fine Print

The usage fee for the Edsby service is $3.65 per year for each student and staff member on your Edsby system. Billing is done at the start of your school year. Semi-annual or monthly billing options may be available for your site; talk to your Edsby sales representative. There is a minimum usage fee billing of $1995 per year. Customization, configuration and training services are not included; these services can be provided on an hourly or daily rate or through a SmartStart package that provides a bundle of services at an attractive price.

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