Edsby not vulnerable to OpenSSL compromise

Edsby is no longer vulnerable to the recently publicized “Heartbleed” compromise in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library.

The Edsby educational engagement platform uses Apache, which uses OpenSSL for the SSL/TLS encryption it uses to protect user traffic, and upgraded its servers immediately after a fix was made available by the OS service provider.

The vulnerability had been in the wild since OpenSSL release 1.0.1 on March 14, 2012, but had only recently been publicized. OpenSSL 1.0.1g, released this Monday, April 7th, 2014, fixed the OpenSSL bug. Edsby incorporated the fix the next day.


Moms outnumber dads 5 to 1 on Edsby

Moms outnumber dads on Edsby

If you’re a kid in a school district or school that uses Edsby, take note: Your mom is vastly more likely to be checking your grades on Edsby than your dad.

Edsby lets parents log in to see their childrens’ school news, academic schedules, attendance records, grades and more.

An analysis of login information on Edsby reveals that 73% of the parents that log in are mothers. Only 14% are fathers. Stepmothers, guardians and grandmothers each register as about 1% of login traffic.

Edsby examined more than 400 million Edsby logins in arriving at the finding.


Edsby integrates with FirstClass

- Using FirstClass for user authentication “simplifies and improves the use of Edsby,” say FirstClass sites -

Toronto, Ontario; March 18th, 2014 – The Edsby educational engagement platform now offers tight integration for K-12 schools and school districts running the venerable FirstClass email and collaboration system.

Organizations around the world that use FirstClass can now leverage the FirstClass user directory when logging in to the Edsby social learning system. At login time, Edsby can be configured to check FirstClass to see if users exist and whether they are entitled to log in via the open lightweight directory access protocol, or LDAP.

“This new external authentication makes it easy to add Edsby to schools and school districts that run FirstClass,” said John Myers, Co-Founder and CoreFour CEO. “Educators can benefit immediately from Edsby’s parental engagement, teacher timesaving features and other benefits.”

For more than 20 years, companies and school districts have relied on FirstClass for powerful, secure and highly scalable collaboration. FirstClass bridges the chasm between in-person and digital communication, offering innovative, enterprise-grade email, calendars, contacts, instant messaging, document and file storage and more.

“FirstClass has been our core communication tool for 17 years,” said Charles Thacker, Director of Technology at Farmington Municipal Schools in Farmington, New Mexico. “Having FirstClass LDAP integration with Edsby has simplified and improved the use of Edsby for our 11,000 students across all our 18 schools.”

The integration works between Edsby today and versions 10 and higher of FirstClass.

About Edsby
Edsby is a social learning platform that enables school districts and private schools to connect their teachers, students and parents together using the modern technologies that have become so pervasive in people’s lives today. Edsby is developed by CoreFour, a team that has been building scalable, reliable software systems for education organizations around the world for almost 30 years. CoreFour builds high performance cloud-based solutions based on latest software technology, techniques and standards.


Under the hood with Edsby

How does Edsby do what he does? What are the secrets behind his almost magical connection to schools’ systems?

Good questions, all.

For answers, we’ve just updated the Technical Details section of our website.

Read details about how Edsby connects gracefully to key technical systems already used by schools, while offering new ways for students and parents to engage with educators.


Why one top teacher loves Edsby

Luis Alvarez, top row from left, Karen Barmore, Patrick Boyko, Reagan Lawrence, bottom row from left, Amanda Morin and Leronya Vaughn-Dunmore are up for this year’s Hillsborough County Teacher of the Year honours. Photo: Tampa Tribune.

Hillsborough County in Florida, one of the largest school districts in the U.S., is naming its teacher of the year this week. And at least one of the candidates is a vocal Edsby fan.

In an interview this week with the Tampa Tribune, seventh-grade teacher Amanda Morin at Walker Middle Magnet School said she’s become a fan of Edsby, which the district rolled out this school year for teachers to use in posting post grades and interacting with students and parents.

“I hardly ever get an email from a parent asking for clarification on what’s going on,” she told the Tampa Tribune. “I would say that means I’m communicating well with them.”

Edsby gives teachers powerful ways to communicate electronically and engage with parents. Teachers no longer have to run their own mail lists, which become out of date over time, or worry about the exact rights that each parent has with regard to each of their children—a factor in today’s world of blended families. (Read more about how Edsby helps teachers connect with parents.)

Morin is a proponent of the school district’s new bring-your-own-device program. She says she puts a heavy emphasis on technology in her seventh-grade civics class, where students come in and watch news clips on their computers and answer questions about current events.

Edsby was adopted district-wide by Hillsborough County in 2013 and rolled out this year.