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Edsby for teachers

Edsby streamlines grading, attendance and other boring stuff, and then gives you ways to make your class shine.

Edsby puts it all together for you

There are a million and one things teachers need to deal with. That’s where Edsby comes in. It automates much of your administration work, gives you better insight into your students than you’ve ever had, and gives you new, more efficient ways to communicate with parents and leverage them for the academic success of your students.

Edsby helps you run your classes

The Edsby class, a Facebook-like conversation timeline, is the heart of Edsby. You get one for every class you teach. But unlike other approaches, Edsby’s student and parent data isn’t painstakingly set up and managed by the teacher. It comes automatically from your school or district’s databases, without you having to do anything. As you post notes in your classes, create assignments and assign homework, these are shown in the conversation. Students can easily ask questions and post information of their own. Even shy students learn from the questions of others.

Edsby manages your content

When you upload files or videos  to the class, Edsby automatically places them in the class library for easy access. Create class collections and galleries.

As soon as I first saw Edsby, I thought ‘this is exactly what we’ve been looking for.’
Steve Rush, IT Director / St. Andrew's College

Edsby helps with course planning

Every Edsby class also includes a course plan. Easily create units and lessons, including references and links to useful resources for students and parents. As you teach, you can indicate which unit is currently being taught or show that a unit has been completed. Keep your students and their parents in the loop.

A grade book in every class

Each Edsby class includes a world-class grade book that allows you to use your preferred marking and evaluation scheme and make anecdotal and formative assessments. Easily share marks with students and parents. You can even make subjective comments and exercise professional judgement on students’ assessments.

The Edsby learning management system has allowed our 1-to-1 laptop environment to educate beyond the brick and mortar school.
Charles Thacker, Director of Technology / Farmington Municipal Schools, Farmington, New Mexico

Photo wall view of students

Edsby classes also have a face cloud showing all of the students registered in the class. Fabulous for the beginning of term, or for substitute teachers.

Edsby puts you in control

With Edsby, the teachers don’t just participate in the class, they control it. As the teacher, you can edit or delete any message or file in the class without having to call IT. And if you want to, you can let parents come into your Edsby classes so they can see things like the course plan and the class conversation. On the other hand, you might prefer a closed class. Edsby leaves it up to you.

You really have to see Edsby to understand how effective it is and all that it does. It is definitely best of breed.
Jon Butcher, Past Information Technology Integration Committee Chair / St. Andrew's College, Toronto, Canada

Edsby gives you the whole picture for the kids you teach

Edsby automatically tracks, filters and displays recent and relevant conversations for all of the kids you teach. Never feel left out of the loop again. Whether it’s changes to a student’s address, or another teacher posting a mark or a discipline event, Edsby makes sure you see what you need to know in a secure area, available only to teachers and school staff.

You and your colleagues can make notes about students and observations about learning progress. Access students’ schedules and assignments so you can see what their workloads look like and whether they’re getting assignments in on time in other courses.

Badges can be added to the student’s information, so you can tell if the student has a special status, for example a peanut allergy or an IEP.

Ways to improve parental engagement

Edsby gives parents their own special way to log in and see the academic status of their children in real time. It presents their homework, their attendance, the specifics of what they’re being taught in each class each day and how their performance in each course stacks up. You, the teacher, get an ongoing way to share details of how your students are doing above and beyond periodic parent-teacher interviews.

Edsby tracks details of every parent so you don’t have to. You also see the exact rights that each parent has with regard to each of their children—critical in today’s world of blended families.

And when the time comes to email parents with updates, do it easily without having to maintain a separate email system yourself.

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