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The first learning management system built for the unique needs of K-12 school districts

Because photocopies in the backpack, free apps and public social media all have their shortcomings

Edsby keeps everyone in the loop & engaged

With Edsby, students see their schedules and assignments. They interact in a familiar Facebook-like system, safe from the public Internet. Parents see their kids’ homework and grades. Teachers get course planning, attendance and assessment tools. Administrators receive school-wide analytics. Edsby gives everyone what they need in real time.

Edsby makes teachers’ lives easier

Because Edsby connects to your existing systems, classes in Edsby are pre-loaded with the right students and parents; teachers don’t manage them. Cutting-edge assessment support lets teachers use latest methodologies. Attendance becomes a breeze. And advanced grade bookcourse planning, parent communication and other features save teachers time.

Edsby lets districts enforce policies

Local policies drive regional educational standards. Edsby gives you a way to ensure all your teachers do things the same way. Yet because every region does things a little differently from the next, Edsby is completely customizable, even to your district’s unique grading and reporting.

Edsby runs on anything—even phones & tablets

Old computers? New computers? Macs? PCs? Smartphones? Tablets? Edsby was designed to work great on all of them. Which lets you reach whole new communities, like parents, that you may not be reaching effectively today.

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Edsby in Action

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