Edsby is the first social learning system specifically built for the unique needs of K-12 school districts.

Edsby keeps everyone in the loop

Students check their schedules and interact with classes. Parents see their kids’ homework and grades. Teachers get course planning, attendance and assessment tools. Administrators identify at-risk students. Edsby makes sure everyone gets what they need. It leads to better results. And it’s even fun.

Edsby gets everyone engaged – including the whole family

The more that parents and other family members are involved in kids’ education, the better the outcomes. Edsby connects everyone involved in a child’s education, especially parents and other family. By design.

Edsby is built for whole school districts

Regional educational policy and standards are implemented at the district level. So Edsby is designed to be implemented by districts. It connects to existing IT infrastructure in a remarkably clever way. It can be rolled out to thousands of students, teachers and parents in just days, not months. And because every region does things a little differently, Edsby is completely customizable.

Edsby runs on anything

Old computers? New computers? Macs? PCs? Smartphones? Tablets? Edsby was designed to work great on all of them. Access everything everywhere, anytime from anything.

Edsby makes learning more fun for students… and easier for teachers, administrators and parents. Read how: