How do I log in? You use your standard district user ID and password to log into Edsby. To reset a password, use Edconnect at


How do I log in? Students use their standard district computer account for login. The user ID is the student number. Go to the Hillsborough Student Portal at to set up an account or change the password.
I forgot my user ID or password, what do I do? Students may reset their password using the Hillsborough Student Portal at Edsby uses the same authentication method as the student portal, so if you can log in to the portal, you can log into Edsby. If you cannot log into the student portal, contact a tech resource teacher at your school.



Where do I go for help? We’d love to help you. Send email to, include your child’s school name and the last name of your child.
Where do I go to log in? You log in at
What is my parent user ID or username? Your parent user ID or username is the full email address you registered with (e.g.
How long does it take to get the invitation email after signing up? You should receive your invitation in less than a minute.  Sometimes auto-generated emails get caught in spam filters, so you may want to check your Junk or Spam folders, but if it is not there,  just send a message to Make sure to include your child’s last name and school.
I have registered my account but I would like to add an additional child. How do I do this? Go to the drop-down menu by your name and choose “Personal Information”.parent invite click add child 

In the bottom-right you will find a link allowing you to add additional children.

parent invite from within form

Nothing happens when I click on the accept invitation link, or I click and see the same login screen. Right click on the link, and choose Open in New Tab. Alternatively, right click on the link, copy the link, open a new window, and paste the link into the address bar.rightclick
I’ve clicked on the link in the invitation email, but I get an 1030 error. Once you have registered, the invite link is no longer usable. You may log in by going to
Why can’t I see my child’s grades on Edsby? If your child is between Kindergarten and Grade 5, it is a policy of Hillsborough County School District not to display grade averages through Edsby.

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