Analyst: Edsby differentiating itself

Apr 16, 2015

An educational research publication notes Edsby for improving student, teacher and parent engagement.

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What Edsby is saying

Customers love Edsby

Edsby has improved communication in more ways than I can count.
Dr. Mary Ashun, Principal / Philopateer Christian College


What sets Edsby apart? It’s not a simple standalone app that teachers download and use ad hoc. It’s a sophisticated enterprise platform that gives districts the ability to engage every student, teacher and parent in a standardized, controlled way.

Uses your key existing systems like SIS & security

Remarkable connections to your SIS and other existing systems set up student, teacher, class and other information automatically. So Edsby deploys quickly and stays current as people and classes come and go. more »

Customizable to your standards/terms

Districts all have different standards for assessments, calculating and sharing grades, and more. So Edsby allows huge freedom in how you set up your system, and keeps your customizations through upgrades. more »

Designed specifically for K-12

Edsby was built with the assessments, reporting and workflow needed in K-12. Other learning systems try to serve higher education and business as well. Edsby was designed only for K-12, and it shows. more »

Edsby gets everyone involved in a child’s education engaged, especially parents

Runs on anything—even mobile

Old computer? New computer? Mac? PC? iPhone? Tablet? Edsby was designed to work great on all of them. Mobile support is critical when engaging low income families, many of whom don’t own a computer, but have smartphones.

Easy to use

Kids can use the Edsby learning management system as soon as they can write. Parents don’t need any training to use Edsby on a browser or mobile phone. And, boy, do they use it »

Users obsess about Edsby

Students and parents use Edsby non-stop. Some access it dozens of times a day. more »


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