Cloud-based learning management & analytics for K-12

Edsby is an innovative cloud-based platform for K-12 that incorporates learning management, data aggregation and real-time analytics. Edsby gives school districts, regions or national governments better student, teacher and parent engagement, improved educational outcomes and new insight into educational effectiveness.


Keep students, parents & teachers in the loop

Align practices with district policies, and

Measure effectiveness and ensure student success in real time

The Edsby platform

Edsby named Trendsetter With Traction by SIIA

Jul 26, 2016

The annual conference of the SIIA's Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN) is featuring Edsby as a K-12 management system to watch in the next generation learning ecosystem.

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Edsby is not a simple standalone app for individual teachers. It’s a sophisticated enterprise system that lets districts engage every student, teacher and parent in a standardized, controlled way, and then measure their success.

What sets Edsby apart?

Universal Integration

Connect to and leverage all your existing systems and legacy data. Wherever it resides.



Use your policies and terms. Set up your system how you want and keep your data in your region.



Edsby was designed just for K-12, and it shows. It has exactly what K-12 needs.


We have benefited so much from this program in our school, I’m not sure how we survived without it.
Dr. Mary Ashun, Principal / Philopateer Christian College

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