K-12 learning management system Edsby, a best LMS

Edsby at Lakefield College

Jul 03, 2015

Educators at Lakefield College School have been learning Edsby this summer and are looking forward to using it in the fall.

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What Edsby is saying

What customers say

Edsby really came across as the most user friendly, was easy to get going and had the best potential for growth.
Charles Thacker, Director of Technology / Farmington Municipal Schools, Farmington, New Mexico


What sets Edsby apart? It’s not a simple standalone app for individual teachers. It’s a sophisticated enterprise K-12 learning management system that lets districts engage every student, teacher and parent in a standardized, controlled way.

Uses your key existing systems like SIS & security

Remarkable connections to your SIS and other existing systems set up student, teacher, class and other information automatically. So Edsby deploys quickly and stays current as people and classes come and go. more »

Customizable to your standards/terms

Districts all have different standards for assessments, calculating and sharing grades, and more. So Edsby allows huge freedom in how you set up your system, and keeps your customizations through upgrades. more »

Designed specifically for K-12

Edsby was built with the assessments, reporting and workflow needed in K-12. Other learning management systems try to serve higher education & business as well. Edsby was designed only for K-12, and it shows. more »

What customers say

Kids check Edsby constantly after tests. We’re reaching students where they are. And they're not in the library. They're online.
Taina Cote, Teacher / Hillsborough County Public Schools, Tampa, Florida
We're very pleased with how Edsby engages all members of our community, from administrators to teachers to students to parents.
Kevin Smith, Vice Principal of Instruction / King's Christian Collegiate
Students and parents have completely bought in to using this product on a daily basis to access homework and information on grades.
Will Lammers, Vice-Principal / Smithville Christian High School

Users obsess about Edsby

Students and parents use Edsby non-stop. Some access it dozens of times a day. more »

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