Edsby Introduces Support for Trevlac Student Information System

May 20, 2015

Popular Canadian SIS is the latest supported by Edsby for K-12 school and district back-end data synchronization.

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What Edsby is saying

What customers say

As soon as I first saw Edsby, I thought ‚Äėthis is exactly what we‚Äôve been looking for.‚Äô
Steve Rush, IT Director / St. Andrew's College


What¬†sets Edsby apart?¬†It’s not¬†a simple standalone app that teachers download and use ad hoc. It’s a sophisticated enterprise platform that gives districts the ability to engage¬†every student, teacher¬†and¬†parent¬†in a¬†standardized, controlled way.

Uses your key existing systems like SIS & security

Remarkable connections to¬†your SIS and other existing systems set up student, teacher, class and other information automatically. So Edsby deploys quickly and stays current¬†as people¬†and classes come and go. more ¬Ľ

Customizable to your standards/terms

Districts all have different standards for¬†assessments, calculating and sharing grades, and more. So Edsby allows huge freedom in how you set up your system, and keeps your customizations through upgrades. more¬†¬Ľ

Designed specifically for K-12

Edsby was built with the assessments, reporting and workflow needed in K-12. Other learning systems try to serve higher education and business as well. Edsby was¬†designed¬†only for K-12, and it shows. more¬†¬Ľ

What customers say

Edsby has become a permanent fixture in my classroom. It is very easy to upload documents so that students can access the documents and complete tasks in class or at home.
Ira Glover, Teacher / Franklin Middle Magnet School, Tampa, FL
Students and parents have completely bought in to using this product on a daily basis to access homework and information on grades.
Will Lammers, Vice-Principal / Smithville Christian High School
I love how the Edsby course plan allows me to organize all my files and notes so that students can find anything they're missing.
Krista Festarini, Curriculum and Department Leader / St. Clement's School, Toronto, Canada

Users obsess about Edsby

Students and parents use Edsby non-stop. Some access it¬†dozens of times a day. more¬†¬Ľ



Edsby in Action

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