K-12 learning management system Edsby, a best LMS

Edsby Selected by Greater Essex County District School Board

Feb 03, 2016

Fourth Canadian district in recent months chooses Edsby learning management system.

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What Edsby is saying

What customers say

Edsby is the most important application at our school for teaching and learning.
Steve Rush, IT Director / St. Andrew's College


Edsby is a learning management system built for the unique needs of K-12 school districts. It gives educators everything they need to manage learning in and out of the classroom and to engage better with parents.


Edsby K-12 LMS learning management system

Keeps everyone in the loop & engaged

Students see their schedules and assignments. They interact in a familiar Facebook-like system, safe from the public Internet. Parents see their kids’ homework and grades. Teachers can see a student’s whole academic picture. Administrators receive school or district-wide analytics. Everyone gets what they need in real time.

Makes teachers’ lives easier

Because it connects to existing systems, classes in Edsby are pre-loaded with the right students and parents automatically. Attendance becomes a breeze, with no setup. And advanced grade bookcourse planning, parent communication and other features save teachers time. And, we’ve specifically made it easy for teachers to learn.

Lets districts enforce policies

Local policies drive regional educational standards. Edsby gives districts a way to have things all done the same way. Yet because every region does things a little differently, Edsby is completely customizable to districts’ unique grading and reporting, and even local terminology.

Keeps districts compliant

Teachers that use free software and public social media in their classes can run afoul of CIPPA, COPPA, FERPA and other regulations. Edsby gives districts a single, protected “walled garden” for all communications between students, teachers and parents, so that confidential information stays protected.

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What sets Edsby apart? It’s not a simple standalone app for individual teachers. It’s a sophisticated enterprise K-12 learning management system that lets districts engage every student, teacher and parent in a standardized, controlled way.

Universal Integration

Leverage key existing systems like SIS, security & more

Remarkable connections to your SIS, authentication and other legacy data allow Edsby to deploy quickly and stay current as people and classes come and go. more »


Use your own policies & terms

Districts all have different policies for assessments, calculating and sharing grades, local language and more. Edsby allows freedom in how you set up your system and keeps your customizations through upgrades. more »

K-12 Only

Designed specifically for K-12

Edsby was built with the assessments and reporting needed in K-12, and support for parents. Other learning management systems try to serve higher ed & business as well. Edsby was made just for K-12, and it shows. more »

What customers say

Edsby finally gives teachers and students a secure, intuitive, powerful toolset to bring educational collaboration into the modern age.
James Stewart, Teacher / Wharton High School, Hillsborough County, FL

Users obsess about Edsby

Students and parents use Edsby non-stop. Some access it dozens of times a day. more »

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